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This book has its distant ancestor in an International Symposium held at the University of Salamanca in September 2011. In any
case, the book is an ulterior development of what was discussed in the gathering. The new approach, as can be clearly
appreciated from the title chosen, has consisted in a specific look at the word formation of proper names in order to both gain a
more accurate idea of how Celtic proper names are formed and furnish ourselves with further tools to identify a specifically
doubtful name as Celtic beyond the tricky and slippery path of etymological analysis.
Our intentions have been, first, help bridge the gap between the traditional study of ancient Celtic morphology and more
contemporary linguistic approaches. As for historical dimension, three types of approach are made: a) Indo-European. This may
be interesting from a comparative perspective (Celtic vs. Greek, etc.); b) Continental Celtic: Gaulish/Hispano-Celtic word
formation in toponomy/personal names analyzed systematically; c) Celtic along the lines suggested by Ellis Evans, i.e.,
establishing a parallelism between Gaulish/Hispano-Celtic and (old) Iris/(Middle) Welsh onomastic formations.