Descripción del Producto

In 8 centuries of history, there are many facts that can be registered, many the objects that give testimonial of their time, and that have a great historical and cultural values. From the Middle Ages until now, the University has come a long way, including in its milestones the arrival to the “New World” and the foundation of the first American universities and the School of Salamanca, as well as the first Spanish language grammar book. All of these events, as well as others with similar reach –yet less known- have left their mark on our patrimony. They reveal the constant presence of the University of Salamanca during important events of History. This catalog includes pictures from those events and tries to be thorough in its appraisal. At the same time, it is an opportunity to have a new focus on those pieces, so important to Art, History, and Sciences.” (extract from the introduction by Daniel Hernández Ruipérez, Chancellor of the University of Salamanca.)
There is also an English edition available: Loci et imagines/Images and Places. 800 Years of Heritage of the University of Salamanca